Health – What is it?

What we eat? How we maintain our physical self?  How we maintain our mental self?

How do we get the information to maintain these vital parts?  Is the information we are receiving accurate?  Is it honest and non-biased?

Where do we look to help us grow and become a healthier us?  Can we find it among all the noise and distractions?  Can we change ourselves and in-turn help others change?  Do we want to change?  Why should we change?  How much change?  Change to what – a vegan, an Ironman, a liberal?  What are we even talking about?  Can you help the world be better through the knowledge of the food you consume and the way you consume it?  Can you help people be better by helping them understand their body and how to get the most out of any body type?  Can you help people be able to play with their kids, grandkids, spouse, dog, whom ever by just changing their diet and moving around just a bit more?

This site is intended to answer all of these question and more.  We hope to answer them with truth, integrity, and real world experiences.  An unfiltered knowledge with complete transparency.  If we can change one person, who can then go change one person then we have done a service.  We can change the world and make it a healthier, better place – one at a time.